RICE, a Cutcreek Film Production, is an independent feature film in three languages (Spanish, French and English). This multicultural drama about two unusual people meeting in San Francisco will be completed and sent to international film festivals in 2018.

Sebastian, an Argentine army veteran, and Helen, a French Canadian woman, both reside as exiles in San Francisco.  Helen has run away scared from an incident in which she uses her newly found powers. Sebastian has escaped from torture by the Argentine dictatorship. While Helen is evaluating the use of her powers and Sebastian is stuck in a dark psychological state, the two cultural deviants cross paths at a health food store. Helen and Sebastian quickly connect over their shared perspective on life. Their encounter has a strong impact that catapults them into separate paths of personal development. Months later, in recognition of the value they bring to each other, they reconnect and move in together. During their harmonious life together, a friend from the past makes an unannounced visit that throws everything off.

Language and Culture - RICE exhibits an interest in understanding human psychology beyond language and culture.
Love - RICE presents love in various forms from love through physical contact to sacrificing for love and everything in between.
Community Values - RICE portrays the personal struggle that comes from personal values conflicting with community values.
Argentine History - RICE references an authentic historical period in Argentina as Sebastian’s background.
Food Safety - RICE brings some of the controversies surrounding transgenic organisms in to the story.
Emphasis on Personal Development - In this story, self-development is shown through stepping outside the norm and staying true to oneself.
Application of Power - There is so much we don’t know compared to the little we do know and yet we act from our limited knowledge, assuming that it encompasses everything. RICE examines the process of obtaining power, the consequences of applying it and the humility that may come from having caused harm to others.