winner of our cutcreek film free music video contest, 2013

To give ourselves a pause and refresh our minds from the demanding 8 years of production for RICE, in 2013, we set up a music contest. The winner would get; free recording and mastering of the winning song, accompanied by a complete video production and edit. We in fact set up two shoots and chose to stick with the "outdoor version". We delivered the music video upon completion and went back to our demanding movie production with the resulting uplifted energy, from working such a positive job as it was to record, mix, shoot and edit Noa’s performance of “Superheroes”. Noa Zimmerman is a 20 year-old singer/songwriter from San Francisco, California. From a number of submissions in 2013, Noa was 14 years old and the absolute winner. At that age, she self-produced her first album, and has since released four more with the help of SoundWire Productions. You can find her three most recent albums including her newest album, 'On the Bright Side of Oblivion' on iTunes, Spotify and other major online music vendors. She is currently a sophomore at USC's Thornton School of Music, double-majoring in Popular Music with an emphasis on Songwriting, and Music Production. I feel honored to have had a chance to work with Noa Zimmerman and wish her only the best in her career. For more information on Noa’s music, follow the links below.
Alex Vargas - Producer