s h a s t a
t r i b u t e t o a f r i e n d

I really only had one friend, as a child. 
When we were around 15, my friend's father was assigned to New York as the UN Ambassador. And with that, my first and best friend disappeared from my life until many years later. By then, I had moved to Europe and our communication, pre-internet, was limited to meeting through travel. And meet we did, during my three visits back to my place of birth. Then he came visiting to SF. Daniel was the sweetest man. Always mild, loving, supportive of others and with a constant positive disposition. I was so disturbed by this loss that I was not able to work. Instead, I decided to do something I could leave behind for others, for him, for me and in respect to his many, many loved ones. I did what we had talked about as a joke, and left his name signed up there, on Mount Shasta, next to mine.

My friend died while I was in the final stages of production for a feature film. Taking the time to prepare and shoot this short documentary was a necessary step for me, for without the peace it gave me, I would not have been able to complete my first feature, RICE. It was also very warming to receive feedback from Daniel’s loved ones—family and friends. 💚 After this pause in production, no more pauses were taken until RICE was completed on Jan 20, 2018