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writer, PRODUCER, Director, editor, composer

Alex is a natural born storyteller who handles every facet of moviemaking from script through special effects and sound to post production. He has been an actor for the Uruguayan national theatre and a professional musician and a recording artist in Denmark, among other things. His artistic medium of choice is movies, where his canvas allows him to paint layers of movement, words, color and sound, all from his hand, to tell his story.

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Katie McFadden

Assistant Director

Katie has always had a fascination with other cultures that drove her to eventually live abroad in Spain, Argentina and south africa. A few years ago, she landed in San Francisco, where she has been cycling, cooking, rock climbing, composing piano music and mentoring international students Until she changed lanes professionally, into the world of efficient databases. Currently a salesforce consultant, she is predominantly dedicated, by choice, to servicing the nonprofit sector. As assistant director, camera operator, make up artist, script supervisor, stunt double and stand in where needed, Katie has been involved in nearly every shoot for RICE the movie, including three scenes in Buenos Aires, an underwater shoot in Santa Clara and an arial shoot over the San Francisco Bay Area.


Ivan Helbling

Producer, Buenos Aires

Iván Helbling is a film producer and video journalist based in Barcelona. He started working as a producer for independent films and as video journalist for media companies in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Madrid and Barcelona. His involvement in ‘RICE’ was his first feature film as a film producer. With a bachelor in International Relations (Universidad Torcuato diTella), a Diploma in Filmmaking (New York Film Academy) and a Masters Degree in Journalism (El País Newspaper- Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), his most important journalistic pieces were published in the Spanish global newspaper El País.

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Lisa Laviolette

president of Quest International

Founder and president of Quest International, a non-profit student exchange organization that served as a fiscal sponsor for RICE the movie. But that's not it... IN 2009, LISA RESCUED VIGGO, A LITTLE WHITE POODLE WHO later PLAYed A MINOR, BUT SIGNIFICANT SUPPORTING ROLE IN THIS MOVIE. Viggo HAS ALSO ACCOMPANIED ALEX DURING MANY LONG HOURS through PREPRODUCTION to EDITING. Lisa has been directly connected to this project since it's birth and has also donated space for auditions, editing, shoot preparation and sets. Most importantly, she has shown a lot of love and support throughout this entire production.

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