In this multilingual art house drama about love, letting go and GMOs, Helen and Sebastian are two alienated and introverted foreigners who cross paths in a neighborhood health food store. As Helen attempts to explain the misinformation on the label of a product she is returning and Sebastian inquires about an unavailable variety of rice, they are dismissed by an unwilling clerk. Helen senses there is more at play within this scenario and offers Sebastian an alternative that permanently disrupts his daily routine.

Subtítulos en Español

Sous-titres en Français

RICE is a multicultural and independent feature film in Spanish, French and English language.
Post Production was completed in January 2018 and it is currently in the international film festival circuit.
So far, RICE, a new feature film from a first time filmmaker, has won an award as best screenplay at the 9 year old Amsterdam International Film Festival. This was a huge acknowledgment for us, as this festival winnings are not dependent on marketing packages that will buy attention. It is only based on private screening judgment by the festival assigned judges. It is a huge honor for us to have been selected and awarded under such conditions.

RICE has also been an official selection at Nice Independent Filmmaker Festival and Madrid International, both of which gave our movie good niminations, but had an award system that was strongly influenced by the level of marketing the filmmakers payed for, which we didn’t. Pordenone International Film Festival was an non competing official selection and Kansas International Film Festival, which was a super welcoming and warm experience, also brought us the following humbling review from a viewer present at the screening. The movie is not released to the public, so this is a rare and very positive review to have, for us. Thank you! 💚

IMDb - Oct 2018

A Lyrically Visual Story

"Rice" is an immersive story told in an almost magical way. It starts out with a soldier in the Falkland Islands War performing a merciful act, and the resulting punishment he receives. He meets a young woman who starts to help him heal from the wounds that he suffered. You will not see a movie like this anytime soon. Writer-Director Alex Vargas has crafted a movie so visually distinct and exact, that watching it is fascinating even if it didn't have a story. As the movie progresses, both lead characters move toward their ultimate conclusion, with a resolution that is as real and grounded as the imagery is poetic. This is an art film that really earns the term art.

Moving forward, Southern States FanFilmFest will take place in January and Idyllwild International Film Festival will honor us with our first official selection to screen in California on March 5th, 2019.

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