RICE, a Cutcreek Film Production, is a MULTICULTURAL, independent feature film in Spanish, French and English.
Post Production was completed in January 2018 and IT has been submitted to international film festivals.


Two isolated strangers find themselves living in San Francisco after being physically displaced from their countries, cultures, and families. Sebastian, a traumatized Argentine Army veteran, is haunted by nightmares of his torturous past. He attempts to balance the loud and chaotic war in his head by leading a reclusive and disciplined existence, structured by daily yoga and fresh organic food. Helen, a French Canadian, fled to the United States after an emotionally challenging experience that revealed a unique and mysterious capacity within her that paradoxically connects and isolates her from everyone she knows. Still reconciling the past, she leads an introspective life choosing to forego the inevitable complications involved in average human engagement, for pure, peaceful exchanges with animals and nature. She spends her days quietly tending to and connecting with the natural beauty around her that others seem to miss. It is only when Sebastian is forced out of seclusion by the most unlikely source, that these two alienated and introverted strangers cross paths in a neighborhood health food store. As Helen attempts to explain the misinformation on the label of a product she is returning and Sebastian attempts to quickly replenish a suddenly unavailable organic staple, they are dismissed by a disinterested and disingenuous clerk. Helen quickly senses there is more at play within this scenario and offers Sebastian an alternative that permanently disrupts his daily routine. Captivated by Sebastian, she discovers that it is only by letting down her guard and letting go of her unusual abilities that she is able to truly know the power of connection and love.


Language and Culture
An interest in understanding human psychology beyond language and culture

From physical contact to sacrificing and everything in between

Community Values
Portrays the personal struggle that comes from personal values conflicting with community values

References an authentic historical period in Argentina as Sebastian’s background

Food Safety
references to some of the controversies surrounding transgenic organisms

Emphasis on Personal Development
Self-development is shown through stepping outside the norm and staying true to oneself.

Application of Power
Examines the process of obtaining power, the consequences of applying it and the resulting humility that may come from having caused harm to others.